Lady creating content to trademarked or copyrighted for intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) may be a term that you’ve heard before. Intellectual property, in South Africa, means it is the law that encompasses all legislation which concerns patents, designs, trademarks and copyright protection.

In simple terms, IP refers to assets which are intangible which make it easy for a third party to exploit. It is important that IP be legally protected in order to restrict the usage of what is rightfully of the creator.

The other important factor of IP is that it empowers creators to create content. Sharing your content with third parties may be done at a cost, in turn, creates an economic incentive. Creators can charge for their content and make a profit.

In South Africa, we have four main types of intellectual property:

  1. Trademarks
  2. Patent
  3. Copyright

Ensure that you know what your rights are as an inventor / creator.

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