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Living in a diverse country has its pros and cons. Looking beyond coming together as people who look different, we also hold our differences in our marriages. Read about where inequality lies regarding the legitimisation of different marriages in different cultures.

There is a disconnect in South Africa with which nuptials are lawfully recognised. According to IOL, the Department of Home of Affairs is in discussion with stakeholders regarding what Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has said about inequality, non-discrimination and human dignity in marriages.

In South Africa (SA), this is what is currently legalised: The Marriage act of 1961 for monogamous, opposite – sex marriages, the Customary Marriage that of 1998 that recognises polygamy as well as the Civil Union Act of 2006 for monogamous partnership for either same-sex or opposite sex couples.

It is a sad truth that the above policies are not inclusive of Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and traditional royal marriages. Minister Motsoaledi attended a meeting with religious and traditional leaders in Cape Town to discuss what a policy inclusive of everyone could mean. He expressed his concerns on the law in SA that does not prohibit children from getting married. This is something he said should be illegal.

This is an issue that the government seems to be working towards.

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