Lady on a laptop for cybercrime

A number of bills were recently passed at the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) earlier this month. The Cybercrimes Bill was one these bills. This bill has undergone different phases since it was first introduced in 2017.

This Bill ensures that you are protected from the activities on the internet. A person who is found guilty of the offences that are stated under this bill may face five to ten years imprisonment or pay a fine. The offences of this bill include:

  • Unlawfully securing data and using or altering this data
  • Being in illegal possession of software or hardware to alter or data data. Using a computer programme to unlawfully deny access to data
  • Ransomware – this means that using a software to block access to your computer in exchange for money

The Cybercrimes Bill focuses on bringing South Africa’s cyber security law to be in line with the rest of the world’s. It helps to keep you safe from criminals and stops cybercrime and helps with the security in your country.

Using or owning a computer comes with responsibility. Using it for your betterment and not to do harmful activities that come with consequences should be an aim.

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