The Department of Home Affairs has said that they plan on bringing in new policy changes as well as making changes to the current South African marriage law. 

Some of the principal changes that will be included in the policy as stated on BusinessTech will be to allow South Africans of different sexual orientation, religious and cultural persuasions to conclude legal marriages. Furthermore, a stricter measure will be put in place in regards to the age of marriage. The policy will align the marriage, matrimonial property and divorce legislation to address matrimonial property and intestate and intestate succession matters in the event of the marriage dissolution. It will allow for equitable treatment and respect for religious and customary beliefs in line with Section 15 of the constitution.

The policy will also deal with the solemnisation and registration of marriages that involve foreign nationals. It will also deal with the solemnisation and registration of customary marriages that involve non-citizens especially cross-border communities or citizens of our neighbouring countries. 

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